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Reviewed existing research and provided guidance and thought partnership about the entrepreneurial mindset and education for the Department of Basic Education in the Republic of South Africa.

Created and led workshops on competency-based education in K-12 schools for Rural Tech Project finalists, hosted by Luminary Labs and the U.S. Department of Education.

Conducted research and wrote an article about digital transformation and community colleges with JFFLabs and JFF.

Led fundraising and marketing strategy at Take Action Global — a world leader in climate education — working to engage 1 billion young people to take action for the climate by 2030.

Hosted Season 2 of my micropodcast — consideranewin collaboration with Dr. Jane Shore of Revolution School of Thought.

Co-wrote an article on quantum computing and anti-racism, and co-creating associated learning resources. Collaborators: Dr. Michael Lipset, Jessica Brown, Kwaku Aning, Dr. Katlyn Turner.

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